Inspiration in the night

Speaking of Layered Content, I woke up last night at 2 a.m. with some great ideas that I’ve been putting into action since then. Specifically, Layered Content will be framework independent, and it will be able to integrate with any of the web frameworks (Zend Framework, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, etc.) or be used stand-alone. What does that mean? It mean’s if you’ve got a site to put together for a client you can use your framework of choice and tack on Layered Content. You’ll be able to give them a way to manage their content on top of whatever magic you’ve coded up for them.

More to come, when there is more to tell.

Flight Framework coming soon?

I’ve been involved with the Flight framework since its inception at mediaRAIN. I’ve helped .. .. Canadian Pharmacy Online .. cialis online usa .. online viagra buy .. buy viagra .. cialis bathtubs .. canada pharmacy

Tyler with it via brainstorming, feedback, etc. But he’s been the one mostly to code it up. It’s been great from the beginning for a lot of our projects because it has built-in undo/redo and allows for some quite custom things along those lines. Well, Tyler went in another direction with it for awhile, wanting to please everyone, taking out Singletons and such for example, and mediaRAIN forked it into a project called Nimbus. I will probably be helping out with both as I can. Flight is now coming in from the wings more with their changes and it looks like quite a solid and complete framework, even if I didn’t need undo/redo. I’ll have to try it out with Layered Content as I upgrade the admin.

Finally getting my preso up

Here’s a PDF version of my presentation.

Advanced ActionScript APIs Presentation