Inspiration in the night

Speaking of Layered Content, I woke up last night at 2 a.m. with some great ideas that I’ve been putting into action since then. Specifically, Layered Content will be framework independent, and it will be able to integrate with any of the web frameworks (Zend Framework, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, etc.) or be used stand-alone. What does that mean? It mean’s if you’ve got a site to put together for a client you can use your framework of choice and tack on Layered Content. You’ll be able to give them a way to manage their content on top of whatever magic you’ve coded up for them.

More to come, when there is more to tell.

One Response to “Inspiration in the night”

  1. Andres Says:

    Hi Jacob, a friend and colleague (at my start-up) sent me your name/URL. Nice blog. I’m writing specific to this 2AM waking up and having an idea, because (funny enough) that’s how my start-up also was born, at 2:30am 8 months ago. Funny story. Are you available to talk some time? We’re building in Flex, and launching in Q1 2009. Regards.