Reintroducing – Flight Stealth!

Flight Stealth was a Flash component framework a year ago. It went away as the creators of Stealth and OpenFlux combined to create Reflex last year. But Stealth is back! Reflex is forked.

There has been some disappointment that Reflex has forked. Many people have ignorantly but understandably¬†attributed¬†the split to Tyler, the project lead over Flight Stealth. However, Ben Stucki was the one who wanted to fork. After deciding to fork and leave Reflex he asked Tyler if he could keep the Reflex name. Tyler graciously consented, deciding to use the old Stealth name, but since the only difference in a new fork is the projects’ names, he’s gotten the short end of the stick, losing mind share, and for those who were against the fork, getting the blame.

I believe both projects will move forward as a result of this fork. Their project leads each have a vision and direction in mind, and I’m seeing the difference in goals will lead to different products and needs addressed by the projects. Although as Flash developers who currently¬†only have one robust component set in our tool belts, it is hard to imagine the need for more than one alternative. However I believe we will find that one-size-fits-all is not an ideal goal and a specialized framework will always win out over a generic one in its own problem domain.

Good luck to both projects and make us proud.

As an aside, I designed the website where Flight Stealth will be hosted. I am quite proud of what I did, not being a designer.

Please join the Stealth mailing list and find out how you can help. We have a website to put together, user docs that need to be written, components that need to be written, and much much more.