Finally getting my preso up

Here’s a PDF version of my presentation.

Advanced ActionScript APIs Presentation

7 Responses to “Finally getting my preso up”

  1. cesarBorgia Says:

    url not found…

  2. dsf Says:

    Hei! There ir NO file

  3. Kathie Says:

    When I click on this link, it tells me that I am lost.

  4. Robert Penner Says:

    404. =[

  5. peperg Says:

    The link doesn’t work.

  6. Jacob Wright Says:

    Sorry sorry sorry, sheesh you guys! :) I put the file in my user/downloads directory instead of my user/www/download dir. Again, I’m sorry about that. You may have it now.

  7. TroyWorks Says:

    Good stuff.

    Note that when dealing with IExternalizable, the [transient] metadata is also very handy.

    Evolving classes is also a handy approach