Very Suprised

I recently watched an email discussion comparing object-oriented programming and procedural programming in PHP. I was very surprised to see how many people there are that don’t understand the benefits of object-oriented programming and feel procedural is usually the best tool for the job.

Planning Systems (3 of 5)

Object-oriented programming gives us many new ways to create an application. It makes many things easier to do. One of these things is planning. Planning is an important and oft overlooked part of an application, but it is as essential to the success of the application as the coding of it.

Thinking Object-Oriented (2 of 5)

One of the more difficult jumps of the several leaps and bounds from procedural to object-oriented programming is conceptualizing the system you are programming. Thinking object-oriented is the real power of object-oriented programming, and even if we always program procedurally we may already be thinking object-oriented. We need to be able to see a system, a problem, or a program in terms of objects and their relationships to one another. When we do this any program will be much more simple and easy for us to grasp. It will be easy to picture how it works in our minds.

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (1 of 5)

Back in the olden-days, way back when dinosaurs were young and our parents roamed the earth, there was programming. Yes, hard to believe it was invented by that time. Back then, things were simpler. But the time came that we needed something better…

Application Built with Pherret

The first application being built with Pherret is an ecommerce site for Uclean. It is a full-featured site with alot of extras for the admin. The original site was built off of osCommerce, but because there were so many new features and improvments to be made we needed to rebuild it from ground up. OsCommerce is not very object-oriented and not easy to modify (we have many major changes) so it was determined it would be best to rebuild it. . .

Pherret Tutorial

I have just put up the source files for a Pherret tutorial. . .

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