Application Built with Pherret

The first application being built with Pherret is an ecommerce site for Uclean. It is a full-featured site with alot of extras for the admin. The original site was built off of osCommerce, but because there were so many new features and improvments to be made we needed to rebuild it from ground up. OsCommerce is not very object-oriented and not easy to modify (we have many major changes) so it was determined it would be best to rebuild it.

The store will soon be live and viewable for those who would like to see a Pherret application in action. I will also put up some of the classes, templates, and code snippets from it to show how Pherret is being used.

There is still many ways to improve Pherret, so feel free to leave comments or email about ideas/bugs/improvements that can make Pherret better. Comments would be best.

2 Responses to “Application Built with Pherret”

  1. Bradigan Says:

    Hi, looks great. I’m really interested in learning more about this framework. I happened to stumble across a tutorial (on this site). Is that the only code (downloadable) at this point?

  2. Jacob Wright Says:

    Actually, yes, and it is outdated as well. There have been some very nice changes that will be available for download soon (next week).