Stealth Component Framework Demo

Back in February I posted some ideas Tyler and I worked on for a component framework we’re calling Stealth. We were inspired after Ely Greenfield’s Flex Roadmap presentation at MAX last year. It struck a chord with may of our talks together about how the components ought to be architected, so we set out to make an AS3 component set.

We made a proof-of-concept and shared with a few friends. Because it’s so basic and raw we didn’t want to post any of the code, but after talking with Ben Stucki (Open Flux) at 360 Flex this year and some of the Gumbo team I thought some of the ideas we had might be of use.

We put core code into the components package, I created a CSS parser so we’re not using Flex’s stylesheets. This allows us to have full selector support, but also disallows classes to be compiled in. So we reference a few needed classes in the base file to make sure they’re compiled in. We’re using an AS3 project, but also using MXML. Pretty cool stuff. Also have undoable text in the text field.

You can check out the architecture on my previous post. And again, this is proof-of-concept code, and hasn’t been touched since February.

Right-click to view the source code.