Here at 360 Flex

Here I am! I’m presenting today at 360 Flex in San Jose. I’m only slightly nervous as this will be my first time presenting at a conference, but I’ve presented at user group meetings plenty and even practiced today’s preso with Rob Taylor, Tyler Wright, and Joe Snow over at their company offices.

I’ve had a very enjoyable time already at the speaker dinner last night and afterward at the mix-n-mingle. Met some great people such as Ben Stucki and Ryan Campbell, Paul Robertson, JOSH BUHLER! (wanted to make sure you were mentioned Josh ;), and Tony and Doug from Effective UI. Doug wanted to get married (he’s from Canada, should explain everything), but I’ve already get a wife and three kids and don’t need anything more for the moment.

Today my presentation will be on some more advanced stuff you can take advantage of when creating code libraries and making good APIs. I’ll cover the Proxy class in-depth, including many features most people don’t even know about. I’ll talk about IExternalizable, what it is and why/how you’d use it. I’ll cover metadata and how it can be used in your APIs. And if we have time, I’ll talk about code namespaces (not XML namespaces, it’s different) and why and when you would use them in your libraries. Should be fun, but I will be dumping a lot of info on people. But hey, it IS an advanced level class.

I’ll be attending a few framework sessions such as Swiz and Mate. I’m interested to see what others are doing and get better ideas on what I want to use. Swiz uses metadata to hook components together (dependency injection pattern) so I think that will be quite interesting. I’ll keep you up on what I learn. Maybe. :)

Oh, and it looks like WordPress needs an update… again. Man, this gets so annoying. Later I’ll look for a plugin that auto-updates wordpress or something.

3 Responses to “Here at 360 Flex”

  1. Greg J Says:

    Will you be posting the code from your preso or some PDFs?

  2. Jacob Wright Says:

    I will be. You can also watch the video of the presentation through the Adobe Media Player (AMP). Read about and download on Ted Patrick’s blog.

    I’ll get a PDF up soon.

  3. Tom Ortega Says:

    Glad you liked the dinner and mingle. It was great having you at the show!