Starting at Riot Games

I am excited to announce that I will be starting work at Riot Games on Monday. I just got my laptop so I suppose it is really happening. Good thing too, because I’ve already given leave at TeamSnap.

First I want to say that TeamSnap has been the best company I’ve ever worked for. The team is fun, talented, and just great people. The management knows how to guide without micro-managing. Every employee’s voice is heard. There are no office politics. The dev team is all remote, so working through github while lounging on my couch is awesome. The tech is interesting. The leadership is solid. I am very sad to be leaving.

I am very excited, however, to be joining Riot Games. Their flagship product, League of Legends, is said to be the most played game in the world. If you haven’t heard of Riot or League of Legends, don’t be surprised. They’ve spread through word of mouth and it just hasn’t reached you yet. It’s a very fun team-based game with plenty of strategy and room to grow and enjoy the game for a long time. Riot puts a lot of effort into the game itself, as well as other creatives like music videos (such as one of my favorites below).

And my twin brother works at Riot, so I’ll get to work with Tyler again! That will be a lot of fun.