I am an Original

I’ve been quietly working for Original the last month. I’ve worked with startups before, but this is my first real startup experience. We have a remote team of six really great people. The hiring process was amazing. There was no resume submitted, just my Github profile and a few Skype interviews. We are using hall.com to keep in sync, Pivotal Tracker to organize the work, and Github branches and pull-requests for features and issue tracking for bugs. We are using Node.js and Angular and MongoDB for our product. We’ve been able to build quickly and are excited to start getting feedback from an early alpha. We really are remote, the six of us being

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scattered from the West coast to the East, all working from home, coffee shops, colocation, or wherever we feel like. No skimping on benefits either in the name of cash flow. I feel well taken care of. Basically, this is my dream job. Minus an office AR Drone. I’ll keep you posted.