AIR Project Tracker (timer, task-list)

I wrote a project timer awhile ago. After I had done that (in Flash 8) I needed a task list that could be split up by client and project, so I combined the old time and a new task list into what I called creatively the Project Tracker. I’ve been using it since Apollo preview release. I just added a new feature for myself that rounds the times to the nearest half-hour or hour if desired (since that’s how my company bills clients), and I thought that I’d share it. It allows you to keep track of time spent on tasks, project, and clients as well as let’s you check off any of them when complete. You can also store notes about each of them. It doesn’t use any AIR specific features,

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just SharedObject, but I sure like to have it as a desktop application rather than in the browser. I always close browser versions on

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accident. This application is provided as-is with no documentation, support, or guarantee of anything. Hope you find it useful. You can view Project Tracker in your web browser before you download it. Update: Republished for the AIR 1.0 release and updated badge install. Update 2: Found and fixed the problem reported in comments. Using a relative path in the badge installer for AIR apps results in some of the errors reported.

This application requires the following be installed:

  1. Adobe® AIR™ Runtime
  2. Project Tracker

Please click on each link in the order above to complete the installation process.

35 Responses to “AIR Project Tracker (timer, task-list)”

  1. am Says:

    from which beta version is it? i ahve beta 3 installed on a mac and i get an error trying to install it..

  2. Cahlan Sharp Says:

    Hey, wait a sec. I remember this app!
    I was actually browsing RSS feeds and saw this title’s summary and I thought someone was ripping off your work. Nice job!

  3. Jacob Wright Says:

    am: It’s beta 3. What is the error you are getting?
    Cahlan: Yeah, I’ve added a whole feature to it and of course published it for more recent versions of AIR.

  4. Saeed Ashour Says:

    Hi Jacob …

    i got this error and i ‘ve got air beta 3 :
    The application could not be installed. Try installing it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author.

  5. Jacob Wright Says:

    What can I say, it’s beta. Try downloading AIR manually and the Application separately.

    This application requires the following be installed:

    1. Adobe® AIR™ Runtime
    2. Project Tracker

    Please click on each link in the order above to complete the installation process.

  6. m7mmad Says:

    Had the same issue , let me try to install the above

  7. Ryan Says:

    This program would be wonderful. someone please get this to work. I get this:

    This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for an updated version.

    What I’d really love is this or the “smaller” version on my blackberry. I spend alot of time talking and in inpromptu meetings with designers and developers…I’ve been looking for something, a stopwatch with memory…something, anything to log this time better….

  8. Jacob Wright Says:

    UPDATE: This has now been updated for the full AIR 1.0 release. Hopefully any bugs are worked out with the badge install. I tested it and it is working fine. Let me know if there are any issues.


  9. John Perkins Says:

    Where is the data stored? How can I extract a datafile for reporting?

  10. Jacob Wright Says:

    The data is stored in a SharedObject file. It actually isn’t extractable. It would probably be quite useful huh? I’ll have to add an export feature for that in a later build.

  11. logicalunit Says:

    Nice tool, simple & easy to use… don’t make the common mistake by adding tons of unnecessary features. ;)

    However, an export feature could come in handy. And the most important feature of them all, is changing the dock icon (on Win, but especially OSX) to show the status. Play/pause icon, or change the color of the icon, that would be enough to know whether or not it’s tracking time.

  12. Jacob Wright Says:

    logicalunit, good ideas. I’ll have to make some time to do that! What sort of format would you expect from the export feature? CSV file?

  13. AriefZJ Says:

    Hi Jac,

    Nice app. I wonder how did you create the date component?
    I like the fact that it allows user to manually key in dates (usefull if the dates are wayyyyy back to the past).
    Mind to share some tips :)

    Great Work.

  14. » The Best Free Project Timer Says:

    […] Click here to get Jacob Wrights Free Project Timer […]

  15. Curtis J. Morley Says:


    I love your project tracker. I use it for everything. I am acutally tracking how long it takes to post this comment to your site. One of my favorite features is that the sub-tasks aggregate automatically up to the projects and to the clients. It makes it really easy to see what everything comes to as a whole and send out quick reports.

    I love your Project Tracker so much I posted on my blog and hope that many people get to experience the benefits of this tool that you so graciously have given away for free.


    Curtis J Morley

  16. Curtis J. Morley Says:

    P.S. 3:21 for the last post.

  17. Randy Orwin Says:


    I have started using your Project Tracker to track my time when consulting with various people. Did you ever do an update that allowed for the export of the data collected? A csv file or tab delimited file would be just fine. Thanks for a great tool!

  18. Paul Walsh Says:

    Hi there! Great tool!

    Is there a way to manually edit the elapsed times? (Or where is the data stored and can it be edited there?)
    I forgot to close it down and left my PC running all night – Don’t think the client wants billing for this!

  19. Jacob Wright Says:

    Randy: no, I haven’t released any updates. Sorry.

    Paul: You can edit the times by clicking on the Edit Item button with the specific task selected. It allows you to see all time-stamps for that item with the most recent at the top. You can edit it there and fix your mistakes.

    I sometimes forget to track client time or am on the run doing something for them. So I just choose the task, start then stop the time, and then go in and edit the stamps to the correct time I spent. You can also delete time periods in there.

  20. tones411 Says:

    I have moved to another computer. How can I get the data from Project Tracker on my old computer over to the new one?

  21. Paolo Lazatin Says:

    Hi Jac,

    First off, thanks for this project tracker–it’s simple, easy, and does the job. I just started AS3 recently, and I was supposed to come up with my own simple project management software using AS3 until I saw this. Anyway, pardon me for the this noob question, but I was wondering, what are the advantages of using AIR over projector in this project? It seems to me that this project can be achieved by the latter, without the additional step of having to install AIR.

  22. Jacob Wright Says:

    Paolo, a projector app would have been sufficient for this, however, most non-flash developers don’t have the desktop version of Flash, just the browser version. The desktop version is installed with Flash CS3/4 and Flex. At least, that’s how it used to be. So either way, they’d have to download something new in addition to the project tracker. I just chose AIR.

  23. kisin Says:

    can you please add the ability to minimize to tray?

  24. Paolo Says:

    Thanks for clarifying, Jac. I always thought that creating a projector would create a standalone flash application that would run even without the user having flash. Seems to defeat the purpose of a “standalone” app.

    Regardless, I sniffed around for reasons to use AIR, and I think the “true” cross-platform characteristic of AIR which allows different OS to run exactly the same file is enough reason to use AIR over projectors. I’m starting with it as well.

    Anyway, thanks again for this project manager!

    *In case you find time to update this project, I would also like echo the request for import/export.

  25. J Says:


    GREAT tool! I love it. Any way to delete an item from the “Client/Task” tree? Not just the name of the item, but the entire item? Thanks.

  26. Jacob Wright Says:

    Just select the item and press Delete!

  27. James Says:

    Hay Jacob,

    Nice app :), was just wondering how you are storing the project data? Is there a file I can copy from one comp to another?


  28. James Says:

    Ah never mind I read up ^^

  29. Vernon Kesner Says:

    Jacob, I want to thank you for sharing this. I’m a freelance web designer and I’ve searched and searched for project trackers over the years and all of them seem to have way more features than what I want/need.

    With your project tracker, I can easily track my open projects and record time for each task to go back and check at the end of the project my time estimates.

    As far as the timing of tasks… it’s perfect. I couldn’t tell you how many apps give me individual time breakdowns and then I have to add them all up.

    I appreciate being able to see time spent today and over a month or date range, but I also want an easy way to reference the time I estimated I would spend on a task compared with the total actual time spent. That’s exactly what you’ve given me.

    The only thing that I would like is and option to be able to minimize it to the system tray or the taskbar.

    Thanks again for your great work!

  30. Carlos Says:

    Dear Jacob

    Thanks for this little useful AIR app. I add my voice to those asking for an “export” feature.

    I assume you’re too busy to add this functionality, so why don’t you just open source this project?

    I’m open to contribute. Meaby the easiest path would be to store data in a SQLite db so that any SQLite manager can access this data, and then add the export & minimize functionality.

    There would be a lot more features we can think of, like Basecamp integration to get tasks/todos as subitems in your PT, and so on.

    I hope you consider my suggestion, thanks for all the work already done. :)

  31. Jacob Wright Says:

    I’d be happy to open source this project. I’ll have to see if I can dig up the code somewhere. You can email me to remind/bug me to do this if it doesn’t happen soon.

  32. Jacob Wright Says:

    Hey Carlos, I was able to find the files and zip them up quickly here:

    I don’t have time to set up an OS project on github or google code but feel free to do so. I license this under the MIT license. And please report back on any updates you make so all can benefit. Thanks!

  33. SK Says:

    Cool app. Looking forward to using this as an IT consultant to track my time spent on various tasks. So far I like it.

  34. Carlos Says:

    Sorry Jacob

    I didn’t get any notification for your post on last January, and the code isn’t online anymore. :)

    I came here once again to download your little app because I got a new computer… And again, lurking c:\Users\Documents and Settings\Application Data\xxxx to find my existing data…

    Could we try again? If you still are interested, please drop me a line this time. :)


  35. Jacob Wright Says:

    Hey Carlos, sorry, took the “blog” out of the url.

    Will email you to make sure you know.