Working on Cascade

So I know I haven’t written in awhile. I’ve been busy working on a web content management system (CMS) I hope to get my business off the ground and running. I’m pretty excited about it. About 49% of the people I talk to about it aren’t sure what the difference is between Dreamweaver and a web CMS. They’re the non-web developer people like my family and some of my friends. Another 49% (the web guys) aren’t sure why I would choose such an established market to make a product for and even after I explain my marketing strategy still scratch their heads over it. They are still

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nice about it and wish me good luck. They’ll all see why here soon! So, I’ve been sort of waiting around for Cascade (my CMS) to be done and then continue blogging, but that’s taking too long, so I’ll keep writing until it’s done. Then I’ll be moving my site over to and using Cascade to manage it all.