I miss Flash

Javascript can be fun, but I miss Flash. I miss having packages. I miss having private, protected, and public variables. I miss having getters and setters. I miss the organization of a Flash project. Javascript is so messy, even when it’s done well.

Mostly, I miss the Flash community.

Don’t worry duders, I’ll be back.

12 Responses to “I miss Flash”

  1. Nate Beck Says:

    We miss you too Jac.

  2. Andy Li Says:

    Have you tried haXe?
    I have coded in AS3 and JS for a long time and now I love haXe more than the two.

  3. Jacob Wright Says:

    No, I haven’t. Are you able to find jobs that want haXe? Or is it just a side-hobby?

  4. arpit Says:

    JS is pretty okay, but jQuery really makes it fun. Thankfully I was able to find a few JavaScript folks in my circle so I didnt feel the lack of community too bad.

  5. Jacob Wright Says:

    Yeah, I like jQuery a lot, but when you get a large application it is still a challenge to manage everything.

  6. sin Says:

    Coding JS with AS3 style – http://www.jangaroo.net

  7. Jacob Wright Says:

    Oh nice, I’ll have to look into that.

  8. Graham Phillips Says:

    Javascript = AS1

  9. David Says:

    Flash was created to fill a void that was never properly filled. Now, it’s starting to be filled properly, and Flash will start disappearing. I miss old programming languages too, but they had to go… It’s a good thing.

  10. Doug Says:

    It’s 2012 and I’m still waiting for HTML5 to do what Flash used to do.

    I propose an X-Prize of $5000 for anyone who can recreate the 2001 joecartoon.com “Frog in a Blender” in HTML5 e.g. all images must be vector-drawn and animated in HTML5 (no screen-captures of the original animation can be used, it must be created from scratch).

  11. Dave Stewart Says:

    Found this post by typing “I miss Flash” into Google.

    Love Doug’s post above!

    Have you seen this?


    Looks like we are saved!

  12. mihai Says:

    I am still working in the flash world because i cannot find anything close to how well the projects are organized. Between the good (not perfect) graphics flash pro environment, actionscript language in flash builder and all the built in debuggers… there is NOTHING out there still today that can build an app so fast, so clean and distribute it to so many platforms (mobile in forms of apps)

    that being said its also easy for any beginner to get started and make horrible apps (as with any language) but there are too many in the flash world… makes us good devs look bad..

    flash is still a great tool. HTML5 games are 3 years away still (security, one audio channel, webGL not widely supported)