Project Timer Mac version

The project timer I made a bit ago now has a Mac version available. I also updated the Windows version a little bit. I hope it’s useful!


Let me know what bugs you find, how to duplicate them, etc. Also any additional features you can think of that I may never get to. Thanks!

4 Responses to “Project Timer Mac version”

  1. Brian Cook Says:

    Nice. Let see… How about some feature requests:
    1) Ability to rename tasks/projects
    2) Ability to print (to screen and paper) an individual task time log or a time log of all tasks.
    3) Ability to edit time stamps. Say I leave my desk and forget to stop the timer, but I remember that I left for lunch at 12:15 so I just need to go in an add/edit the correct stop time.

    I’ll think of some more features, but I like. Nice job.

  2. Andy Says:

    Also, can you make an annoying user-interface that is almost indecipherable and at least counter-intuitive and then have a little “@” sign that spins around that is so cool it makes up for the product’s lameness. :) jk Brian.

  3. Jim Bell Says:


    I am trying the windows flash timer. Everything seems to wwork except I can’t remove a project from the dropdown
    list when the project is completed. I am sure I am missing something. Help!


  4. Jacob Wright Says:

    You should be able to click the red “X” to the left of a loaded project’s name. If this does not work then there must be a bug preventing it from deleting.