My First 10k, Trailer Park Style

I am finally getting around to sharing my memorial day adventure. I ran my first 10k here in Boulder (called the BolderBOULDER). It was pretty fun, considering I wasn’t in great shape for it. I outdid my expectations (I’m slow) with a 68 minute time. Our Jive team running the BolderBOULDER (voted best 10k in the country) planned out a sweet running uniform: jean cutoffs, wife-beater, Jive tattoo, fake mustache, and anything else that screamed “TRAILER PARK!”

UNFORTUNATELY, I was the ONLY one who really followed through on the whole outfit. Guess that means I’m totally the winner in the style category. Here are some photos to commemorate the event.

Starting out

Starting out

Just gettin’ going

Getting cooled off

Breaking a mile barrier

Home stretch

After Pose (mustache finally fell off)

One Response to “My First 10k, Trailer Park Style”

  1. derek knox Says:

    The stache is key! Plus, I’m loving the fist pump at the mile marker. Funny stuff.