Introducing Reflex

It occurred to me that I haven’t even posted about what Reflex is yet. So here is a quick overview. Reflex is a component framework. Like Flex, it is a methodology and some base classes on which to build components. Unlike other component sets, it is not just a component set but a framework to build components. It can be coded with MXML. It has layout, skins, and run-time added behaviors. It keeps close to the Flash player APIs so mixing with Sprites, MovieClips, and TextFields is a non-issue. It works in the Flash IDE as well as Flash Builder. And it’s just getting going. The git repo is at The mailing list/forum is at We have plans for styling support, states, and all the other great feature that Flex provides. The reason we’re starting a new project and not contributing to Flex is because we felt it was necessary to start from scratch in order to accomplish what we want to. We hope to provide a compelling alternative to Flex that is smaller, faster, and easier to build on top of. We admire the Flex team at Adobe and acknowledge that we couldn’t do what we are without the trail that they’ve blazed. We hope

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to get a website up soon. We’ll have unit testing and continuous builds. We generally are striving to do everything right and keep up the momentum. Tyler and I presented at 360|Flex on Reflex and posted about the presentation demos. I also just posted about how to build behaviors in Reflex. So if you didn’t know, Reflex is the next big thing (I hope). :) We hope you’ll participate on the mailing list and help contribute to the project.

4 Responses to “Introducing Reflex”

  1. How To Build a Behavior in Reflex - Jacob Wright – Flex, AIR, PHP, etc. Says:

    […] Update: If you don't know what Reflex is, I've just introduced Reflex. […]

  2. Isaac Says:

    This is interesting. I’ve been lazily thinking someday, someone, somewhere, will pick up this idea and here it comes.
    Admit, Flex is Good but heavy. We want this to be light, light and light.
    Thank you.

  3. Wall Posters Says:

    I agree with Isaac. Flex is pretty good, however we also have to consider other aspects. The smoother it is the better! :)


  4. Dimon Says:

    Can somebody make it clear which Reflex is Reflex and what’s the status of the project please? There are plenty of forks on Github for it and is not showing the right content.