Best Show I’ve Seen

Just wanted to let you know about a show I’ve fallen in love with. I’ve seen the commercials and thought it might be interesting to watch, but never got around to it. Once I saw a few episodes I was totally hooked.

A couple of weeks ago I watched two seasons of NBC’s Chuck within 48 hours. I has become my favorite TV series followed by The Office and Lost, and I can’t wait for season 3 to air next March. You can watch all 13 episodes from season 1 starting with the pilot on Warner Bros website. The second season has only about half of its 22 episodes online at or You’ll have to rent the DVD or buy episodes on iTunes. You can buy both seasons on iTunes and xbox live I believe.

Be sure to catch up on the first two seasons so you can be up on season 3!

One Response to “Best Show I’ve Seen”

  1. Jan Says:

    Chuck is a really cool show. Happy that you watched it.
    We can count ourselfs lucky that NBC is bringing a third season.Long time there was no hope for that. Would be a shame to let Chuck die like other cool shows (Pushing Daisies, My Name is Earl, Fastlane etc.)

    I´m eagerly awaiting season 3.