Keynote Remote Straight to Computer

After purchasing Keynote Remote from the iTunes store a couple of months back I was disappointed that it only worked over WIFI (why do we have bluetooth in the iPhone again?). Most conferences have spotty WIFI at best.

I had an idea today though about using my computer’s built-in network creating ability. I set up a network from my laptop, connected to it from my iPhone, and had the Keynote Remote working in no time. No WIFI network. Yay! After I had figured it out I looked up on google to see if anyone else had done it and found they had. There’s a tutorial with screenshots here: I should have googled it earlier. :)

One Response to “Keynote Remote Straight to Computer”

  1. Charlie Brattain Says:

    I am perplexed utterly and this whole considered this topic scares me and I want to get my pea brain round it earlier than I transfer ahead if you already know what I mean.