Layered Content kick-off

Today we had our first Layered

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Content meeting. We used Adobe Connect but had a lot of troubles with the audio. So it wasn’t recorded and we won’t be using that again. Not for awhile. I went over some of the generals of Layered Content. It’s a content management system for websites, it will use AIR and PHP/MySQL, it will have online/offline modes, it won’t have complex template markup but use a descriptor file and ids/classes as the entry points for content, and other general coolness. We talked about the major pieces needing to be done, roles to be filled, and goals of the project. Below are the slides I used. We didn’t actually make any decisions, as per the project. I will continue work on the client and we will have another meeting (maybe IRC this time) in a few weeks. Until then I’ll see you on the Google Group.