Ready to play

I’ve been so busy with client work I haven’t written for a long time. I was even invited to speak at MAX through a referral from Tom and John with 360|Flex and wasn’t able to write about it. I was so busy with client work when I wasn’t doing that I was preparing my presentations.

After this week I will be mostly done with a large project deadline and have time to get back to writing. There’s much I want to talk about. Including a RESTful website system I’ve helped build on PHP’s Zend Framework, cool stuff with cloud computing, and maybe even some Python. I’ll be happy to get back to doing Flex and ActionScript again.

Tyler has been working hard on a design editor that will be able to create drawing API skins visually. I’m excited for that! He’s even considering cleaning up the transform library as a package and selling it similar to GreenSock’s. Tyler is such a smart developer, I wish I had money to keep him busy making me code libraries all day.

I just submitted my 360|Flex session proposal for this year’s Indianapolis conference. I’m way excited. I want to talk about cloud computing and how you can use it with your Flex projects. I want to build an app for it that runs 100% off of services and uses no server-side code. It will be a contacts manager if I don’t have time. If I do have time it will be a web CMS in AIR that publishes to Amazon S3. That would be cool huh? :)

2 Responses to “Ready to play”

  1. Rik Nilsson Says:

    Jac, is there any reason your JavaScript date format should not work on Firefox/Mac?

    I copied it directly out of your 2006 post and get the error “Date.replace has no properties”

  2. Jacob Wright Says:

    I believe you found a bug Rik. I fixed the issue in the code on the site: You may use this version now. Let me know if there are any more problems.