Undo in TextFields

I presented on creating your own undo/redo at 360 MAX unconference and a uFlash meeting. People seemed interested in knowing how to do it, but were more interested in having the code. It really should be part of Flex TextAreas and TextInputs. So I was going to code up a couple custom components that extended TextArea and TextInput (e.g. UndoableTextArea) and release them for use. However, as Tyler reminded me, that wouldn’t work in Flash apps, only Flex. So I have a proposal and would like to get your feedback.

If I created a component that you put on the root of your application (or any MXML component) which added undo/redo to any/all INPUT TextFields with in Flash or Flex would that be better? If you’re not doing any custom INPUT TextFields I don’t see any issues. But it could cause problems if you’re doing your own text components. Also, I would do it by listening to Event.ADDED events and whenever a TextField is added to the display list it would initialize it and add some right-click menu items to it. And I can even make sure when I have script access through ExternalInterface to capture the Ctrl+Z key combo.

Comment and let me know if this would be better than the Flex components. It would work in Flash apps too is the nice part and also you could add it to existing applications without any find-replace. The downsides is it could interfere with text manipulation code you may have in place for custom text components. I’ll decide this week and get to work on it next!