MyStickies Goes Live

Finally, after months of work (part-time) MyStickies is live. What is MyStickies? Sticky notes for the web, and much more. MyStickies is a javascript script that can draw notes on web pages and tag them. The notes are saved to an online account and whenever you come back to the page, the notes will load back up. The account you create on is also great because you can manage your notes from there. You can see what your most recent notes are. You can view them by domain, or by tag. You can even open them right there to view and/or edit their content. MyStickies Account Area To get started you can go to and signup for an account. To test out the sticky process just press the “Try Me” button on the home page and you’ll get a note. You can also press Alt+Click+Drag to create notes, and if you press Alt+Click on the header of the note you can toggle between colors if you would like your note in green, blue, or gray instead. There are two ways to get that javascript onto your page so you can place notes and see the ones you’ve placed. Those are through a browser extension (Firefox it currently supported with others soon to follow) and through a bookmarklet. The extension makes it so you always have your notes there automatically. The bookmarklet will need to be clicked on every page you want to see or place your notes. If you go the extension route (recommended), make sure you log back into your account after installing the extension so that the account can register with your extension. Now you know why I haven’t posted much for awhile. I still intend to get to the ecommerce tutorial eventually. And write more in the future, but we’ll see how much time I have after MyStickies. We still have many more features in store. We hope to be able to get people linked up with their friends soon. Then they can share a tag of notes with a friend. After that we will be introducing public notes which after being made public anyone can modify (or delete). We’re not sure how that will go over, but no one was sure if wikis would work our when they first came along. We’ll leave the rest of our plans a mystery for now so you can still have some suprises later. MyStickies is a free service and we will keep it free. However, it costs a lot of money for us to keep it up, and there are several ways in which we could fund it to pay for servers, bandwidth, etc. The most attractive way would be to offer additional services for a price, above that of the basic free account. Would people be interested in installing

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MyStickies on their own websites for a monthly fee. Something that users woiuld see and optionally can use too without an account. This would be a wonderful tool for web development companies for prototyping and letting clients post feature requests on their development site. 37 Signals talks about making the interface a spec which MyStickies could really make easy. I’m sure there are many other uses as well that I haven’t thought of. Let us know what kind of services might be useful.