Flash Project Timer

A project timer is something I have been needing. I have trouble keeping track of hours for projects I have. I usually don’t worry about time traking for my personal projects, which is good because if I thought about all the time I’ve spent (wasted), I might take up a new hobby. But for contract work and for projects at mediaRAIN, I need to keep track of time I spend on each project. I always forget to write something down at the end of the day, and usually can’t remember how long I’ve spent

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anyway. So, I made a project timer. It actually is built in Macromedia Flash, and made into a nice executable using mProjector. I have yet to start using it for my projects, but it seems to be working pretty well. I thought I would share it in case anyone else needed something like this. It only works on Windows right now, but mProjector can make executables for Mac, so I’ll look at doing a Mac version soon. I used to have a screenshot of the app here. However, it’s flash, so why don’t I just put the swf up? Pretty small, unobtrusive, and hopefully usable. To use, click on the world icon, enter in a new project, hit enter, and then click the green play button to start timing. You can add as many projects as needed and choose them from the drop down that appears when you click the world icon. The timer also minimizes to the system tray. You can make it stay on top of all applications from the right click menu, as well as close it down from there. It doesn’t use the registry or create any files of it’s own. It only uses the Flash SharedObject (which is basically a cookie for Flash). Also, if it works the way it should, you can look at a projects total time, the time for the current day, current week, current month, or even a custom time period. When you click custom, it will ask you for a start day. You can also put in an end day by adding a dash and another full date (e.g. “14/11/2005-18/11/2005”). You may download the following: flash_timer-mac-0.1.zip flash_timer-win-0.1.zip Hope it helps!