Tutorial? How About a Project!

In writing the articles on object oriented programming I have stuck with theory. After all, it is not language specific and takes less space to say what there is to say. However, I have been asked by serveral to provide a tutorial or include examples on object oriented code. Well, I’ve decided to do almost that.

PHP Package Management and Autoloading

In PHP 5 and greater there is a magic function called __autoload (note: two underscores). __autoload allows us to load a class on the fly so to speak. It only gets called when a class can not be found, then it has a chance to load the class. If the class still can not be found, you get your regular error stating so. __autoload can be really useful if all of your classes happen to be in one directory, but what happens if you are managing a large project with many packages of classes? We will look at some different options.

Mint, Stat’s and Design

Mint is a new product recently released to track the statistics on your website. It has gotten much attention from several areas, and I thought it would be worth it to check it out.

Dreamweaver and CSS Still Don’t Play Nice

After hearing about the new CSS based workflow of Dreamweaver 8, which came out yesterday evening, I had high hopes that the rendering engine for CSS and HTML would have been improved. Disappointingly, this wasn’t the case. Why don’t they try using the rendering engines for Firefox, Safari, and even IE. The first two are now completely open for use and the latter would be smart to include even if there is a liscencing fee.

Logout from HTTP Authorization

A little trick to create a logout from your site if you are using HTTP Authentication.