Another Product from Google

Google has just released Google Talk, an instant messaging and voice over IP client

AMFPHP 1.0 Ready

AMFPHP (Flash Remoting written in PHP) is almost ready to hit a stable version 1.0 release! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. We’ve already used it at 4.4 million posts to a remoting service in one month.

From Text to Node

I have created a method that assists in creating your HTML elements in Javascript. textToNode takes a string of text and converts it into a DOM element which you may then use for insertion. It’s much easier to use than creating each node seperately, adding attributes to it, then appending it to the parent. It also works for table elements (tr, td, etc.) and the option element in a drop-down box.


One of the simple and very useful pieces of code in Pherret (a PHP 5 framework) is the setProperties() function in the base Object class. The name originally came from Java Beans and works in a similar manner. I’m sharing it because it could be used in any code with PHP 5 or PHP 4.

Class for the DOM

It’s alive!! I have created a very cool, very simple, function to create new javascript objects that are (not just act upon) HTML DOM elements. Let me explain. Say I have a cool new tree menu I’m creating (true story), and I want others to be able to just start creating the menu items and adding them in via javascript if they need to. The ideal way would be to just say myItem = new MenuItem('Cool Item'); and have it return to me the actual menu item (the TR tag or LI tag) which can be inserted into the menu.