In-memory Javascript Database

I wrote an in-memory Javascript database for a project at work. “What?!” you say? You heard me. In-memory…Javascript…database. Yes, there is a use-case for it. So our current HTML5 project has moved back its target coverage to IE8. Darn. No CSS3, standard event model, or implicit getters/setters (meaning no data-binding). But it still has localStorage and sessionStorage, the ~5MB data store that an HTML5 app can use. So I wrote a JS database which is really just an array of objects with some easy API for filtering, sorting, limiting, and finding the object you need. Now I can store a bunch of data in memory, getting only the newest content when I poll the server, and much more quickly sort, filter, etc. the data for the user without round-trips to the server. And then when they close the app, I can JSONify the data in the localStorage and load their app much more quickly when the come back. They’ll immediately see where they left off, then when the first server

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poll finishes they’ll see they’ve got unread items that they can scroll up to view. I found already existed, but I sure hate unreadable code, and I thought how I could make it faster using the built-in Array filter() method. So I built my own. I also added a full-text search index that can be used for finding based off of keyword matching. I’m working on refactoring for a different query API that supports ORs and sub-expressions–or expressions within parenthesis (e.g. name == “Jacob” and (age == null or age > 10) and cool == true). Follow the progress of JaDE (Javascript Database Engine) on github.

2 Responses to “In-memory Javascript Database”

  1. kristopolous Says:

    Nice going. I like the ORM influence. Apparently there’s a few of us (database js people that is). My website is a link to mine. Dan Stocker has done some benchmarking: you should get him to consider yours … I’ll hit him up an email right now.

  2. Kristopolous Says:

    You’ve been added to the Dan’s perf charts; doing quite well there sir,